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Somfy Motorization
Situo Remote

1, 2 and 5 channel options for multiple products. Available in white, silver, gold and rose gold.

Somfy Motorization
Wind Sensor

Efficient measurement of wind impact on awning structures with detection of horizontal, vertical and lateral oscillations.

Somfy Motorization
Telis Remote

1 channel only.
Memorises the favourite position of a product and allows you to find it instantly.

Somfy Motorization
Sun Detection

Automatically lowers or raises the application depending on the intensity of the sunshine and a threshold pre-set by the installer.

Somfy Motorization
Wall Mounted Control

Available with 2 or 4 channels.
Manage your applications by group with the press of a button.

Somfy Motorization

Somfy offers a wide range of motors depending on the weight and type of product. Contact us to find out what motor is right for you.


D5 Smart Gate Motor Kit

Operator, Foundation Plate, Controller, 2A SM Charger, (CP4C2) 7.2Ah Battery, 4m Nylon Angle Rack and 2 x 4 Button NOVA Txs

Photon Smart Sensor

Photon Smart Full Wireless Beam Set

D10 Smart Industrial Gate Motor Kit

Operator, Foundation Plate, DX Controller, DX Charger 24V 1.8A, 2 x (CP4C2) 7.2Ah Batteries, 4m Steel Rack

G-Ultra GSM

GSM 4G Controller V3 - Including Sim

SD04 Garage Door Motor Kit

SDO4 SMART T10 GDO Battery Driven 1000N Sectional Kit Inc 2 x 12V 3.4Ah Batteries, Charger, 2 x NOVA Tx4, Sectional Track Belt

Nova Remote

NOVA Transmitter, Silicone - 1, 2 & 4 Button


Yes, all Somfy motors have a 5 year warranty.

We have different size motors depending on the weight you would like to control, the heavier the product the bigger the motor needs to be. Get in touch to see what size motor you need.

Yes, we have dedicated products to motorise blinds, and can also be automated to open and close according to the sunlight you require.

Yes, we do offer wireless motors. The motor comes with a rechargeable battery, if used twice a day the charge will last approximately 8 months.

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